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Star Anise Broken - Spice Price for Package of 25 grams. Star Anise is a unique spice that has a sweet anise flavor. Learn more about this spice, including how to cook with it! Star Anise is, by far, the prettiest spice in my cupboard. These fragrant little pods look more like delicate wood carvings than something you would cook with! While they would probably be a lovely addition to potpourri, they have much more to offer than just their looks. Did you know that Star Anise is one of the five spices in Chinese five-spice powder? It’s also one of the predominant flavors in Vietnamese Pho (a noodle soup), and Sambuca (an Italian liqueur). Read on to learn more about this spice, including how to use it in your cooking. WHAT IS STAR ANISE? Star Anise is a star-shaped seed pod from an evergreen tree, which is native to China. While technically not related to regular anise, this spice does have a similar flavor. This isn’t the strong, medicinal licorice flavor of black jelly beans though. The flavour of star anise is sweeter – more similar to fennel than licorice. Although it is more bitter than regular anise seeds. WHAT TO COOK WITH STAR ANISE? If you’re just getting started cooking with star anise, you should start adding it to your dishes slowly. Too many pods can overpower a dish, making it bitter and unpleasant to eat. If you’re adding it to a soup or stew, try using one or two pods to start. This can be enough to impart a flavor, without obliterating the rest of the dish. Try adding whole pods to soups or stews that are made with beef or chicken, like this Pho with beef and noodles, or this  chicken soup with shiitake mushrooms. A single pod can elevate a batch of homemade tomato sauce, too. You can also use the whole pods to mull wine, cider or beer, like in my spiced apple cider recipe. It ‘s also nice in a fruity Christmas punch. Grated or ground star anise works well desserts like gingerbread, chocolate cake or  brownies.

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